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Many aesthetes are very fond of not just drinking pleasant drinks, but also doing it with high-quality dishes. It can be assumed that the quality of the glasses does not in any way affect the process of drinking wine, champagne or other drinks, but this is not the case. Don’t underestimate the importance of proper presentation, especially when it comes to celebrations. Realizing this, people often prefer expensive and high-quality cookware. If you are also thinking about purchasing such a kit, you should pay attention to Bohemia. This is the famous Czech glass industry, which produces a lot of glasses, mugs and other items for tableware. Moreover, it can be produced not only from traditional glass, but also from porcelain. Today we will tell you about all the features of this type of tableware. You can purchase it on the website


What is Bohemia


These are not separate elements, but a whole type of tableware. It can be presented in the form of glasses for wine, and for champagne, and even for simple alcoholic drinks. You can even buy regular bohemian water glasses. It is precisely a style that is characterized by certain shapes, decorations and manufacturing styles.


This style became popular many years ago. It was first used at the very beginning of the second millennium AD. It was then that Czech glassblowers began to gain popularity. And now this country is the main supplier of luxury tableware for the whole world.


Why buy


The most common answer is attractiveness. As already mentioned at the beginning of this material, it is not only the quality of the drink that is important, but also the form of its presentation. And if you are hosting lavish receptions or just get-togethers with guests, pouring good wine to everyone in high-quality Bohemian glasses would be an excellent solution. In fact, this is the main reason why such an expensive container exists.


The second reason is high quality. This glass is very well processed, and therefore it will not be too fragile. Porcelain can even withstand small drops. The main thing here is the absence of aging. Due to high-quality processing, scratches will not appear on the glass, and the color of the base material will not change.